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Nature has healing power.

Nature has healing power. It can heal all the pain, maybe temporarily. But it does. When all you see is suffering, stop and look around. The green around you has a lot to say, the colours of the flowers you see have a lot to make you feel. Even the dead leaves cluttered under a tree will give some kind of euphoria. The joy, merriment and most of all the peace you are searching for in your daily life.

Staying indoors cannot stop you from getting into this ecstasy. Your small pot in your home, stare at it and you will surely have a sense of elation. A feeling that will give you a break from your monotonous life. Engage yourself with nature and nature will start transforming your mechanical thoughts into delightful and creative ones.

Life and nature are co-related. It is something needless to say under this COVID 19 situation. We need to understand the importance we have of Mother Earth in our lives. Let’s take a pledge to protect it and perform our individual responsibilities towards the mother nature sincerely.


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